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Our Lady of Lourdes Academy enjoys a new multipurpose gymnasium with Ashly Power & Processing

MIAMI, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 2014: In addition to being the alma matter of pop icon Gloria Estefan, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy (OLLA) is a paragon of Catholic academic excellence and has been since it was founded in 1963.

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Lewitt: Ask the Boss

Todays Question: In some way or other, all microphone companies talk about how great their mics are. But apart from the sound, which specifications should you actually pay attention to, and which ones should make you skeptical?

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Blackstar: Creating Tones with HT-1, HT-5, HT Club 40 & HT Stage

A live recording from our August webcast taking you through how to create some good tones using our valve amps. Using amps right from the HT-1 through to our 2x12 HT Stage 60 amp Steve Marks shows you what tones you can achieve and shows how flexible all Blackstar amps are designed to be.

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