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Not just any old workhorse: the absolute Y-Series from d&b

The new Y-Series from d&b audiotechnik provides flexible and configurable solutions for any small to medium sized sound reinforcement requirement, whatever the application style. 

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StudioLive RM-series Rack-Mount Digital Mixers Offer Complete Recallable Touch Control

Based on the StudioLive™ AI-series engine and controlled with battle-ready UC Surface software for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS®, the StudioLive RM16AI and RM32AI 32x16x3 rack-mount Active Integration™ digital mixers are scalable, compact, and 100 percent recallable.

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Blackstar: Everywhere's a Venue Competition

For your chance to win an HT Venue 100W full stack and feature in a Blackstar advert. 

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Columbia Performing Arts Centre Dancing to Ashly's nX-Series Amps

The Columbia Performing Arts Centre in Columbia, Missouri is a private, not-for-profit dance school for children founded in 1998, and its students range in age from toddlers through college age. The school recently completed a major addition including four new studios.

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