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CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

We just wanted to share this super-interesting and awesome Science Vs. Music video with you guys. 'Cymatics' is the science of visualising audio frequencies – enjoy!

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StudioLive AI-series Mixers and Nimbit Add 96 kHz Support

PreSonus® is pleased to announce the availability of HD mode for StudioLive™ AI-series mixers. Once updated, any StudioLive AI-series mixer can record and play back audio streams at sample rates up to 96 kHz over the onboard FireWire 800 interface.

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Cambridge Sound Management: Corporate Office Solutions

Corporate offices feature a variety of workspaces that require their own unique solutions for improving worker comfort, productivity, and speech privacy. Qt Quiet Technology™ sound masking systems improve the acoustic environment, enabling employees to feel more comfortable and less distracted in corporate environments.

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Ashly Processors and Amplifiers breathe new life into Bourbon Square Casino

In addition to a fresh New Orleans theme, Bourbon Square now sports a new eight-zone sound reinforcement system centred on an Ashly ne8800 processor and four two-channel ne800 70-volt amplifiers.

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