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Chiayo iTalk now GST exempt!

Effective immediately, the iTalk 10 Watt Personal Portable PA System from Chiayo is now GST exempt under the NDIS GST scheme.

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Check out this great article, written by Cat Strom over at CX Media, on our very own Chris Braun mixing for Aussie singer-songwriter Vera Blue!

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ArrayCalc: Predicting Audio

Gone are the days when rigging or commissioning a PA meant pointing the speakers in the right general direction and relying on a good ear.

Good ears are still important but so are modern predictive tools.

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Review: Triad-Orbit Microphone Stands & Booms

You’ll never look at a cheap mic stand again after trying Triad-Orbit's Advanced Stand Systems. In fact, you may never look at all mic stands the same way again.

– A fantastic review on Triad-Orbit from Mark Davie over at Audio Technology magazine!

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